Woman left baffled after mother-in-law asks her to not give birth before she finishes house renovation

Navigating family members requests while pregnant can be tough, but many people seem to make it work.

But one woman was left reeling after her mother-in-law begged her to delay giving birth – until she could complete her house renovation.

Writing on Mumsnet, the woman asked if she should just ignore her after she made the unusual request.

Unsurprisingly, many people thought that would be a sensible approach.

The woman wrote: “I’m due to give birth in two weeks. Have just come off a phone call with a sobbing mother-in-law pleading for me not to give birth until the 15th June when they’ll have finished the renovations on their new home and have properly moved all their stuff in.

“Because apparently she doesn’t want to miss a single moment of the baby being here, but she also won’t be able to come and stay with us until she’s finished all the work in the house. So now it’s my job to ‘please please please hold on’.

“Have mentioned that at my last scan, the baby was measuring very large (had to have a fasting blood glucose test to rule out diabetes) and that I don’t want to go over. Completely ignored.”

One person asked: “How exactly is anyone supposed to guarantee anything like that? You poor woman having to deal with such irrational behaviour from your mother-in-law. I hope your husband is supportive.”

Another joked: “I’d be eating the spiciest food I could get my hands on followed by a whole pineapple, going on a 10-mile walk followed by a marathon sex session to do all I could to get things moving after that display of selfishness.”

A third agreed, commenting: “Does she expect you to have some sort of zip-lock fitted? She’s barking mad – let your husband deal with her.”

Luckily, the woman commented that she has decided to ignore her mother-in-law ahead of giving birth.

She added: “She honestly has me questioning my sanity. I’m glad there’s a consensus. DH will have to curtly field all calls.

“With my last pregnancy, it was ‘I have a feeling you’re going to give birth a few weeks early like me’ (based on zero evidence!) and huge expressions of surprise every time she called and the baby wasn’t there yet.

“In the end, I gave birth 1 day before my due date so not even late.”